Wednesday, July 20, 2011


we continue to be amazed and astounded by the community that surrounds us.
word has it that our meals through august were filled in one day.

one day.

and i just have to share the menus:

monday: pasta with vegetables, homemade pereddies quality foccacia, quinoa beet salad

tuesday: roasted chicken, green and yellow beans, whole-grain herb bread, fruit salad, corn salad (she even delivered the fruit and vegetables in sand pails, served with the shovels - a big hit with the kids!)

we couldn't eat this well at a restaurant.

we know that good food can't stop sickness, but it sure makes us feel good.
thank you for fortifying us for the long haul.

the blitz of treatments and trips to grand rapids begins on thursday.
radiation and chemo on thursday.
radiation on friday.
radiation monday through thursday.
chemo on thursday.

even though it involves car time, we are thankful that it is outpatient.

after the blitz, we hope the trips will just be weekly for chemo.

prayer requests:

pray that chloe will respond well to the treatments.
pray that she will understand what is happening.
pray that martha and henri will feel cared for and loved during the blitz, specifically that we can find one-on-one time for each of them.
pray that kip and i can remain calm amidst the unknown.
pray for decision making.

here is one of our many decisions:
it is HOT here in the midwest.
we don't have central air and for the most part, we have handled it.
looking at what lies ahead, we think air conditioning would allow chloe to be comfortable and the rest of us to remain calm and patient.
three guys came in to quote a price,
when they looked at the furnace, each paused and said,
"were you thinking about a new furnace?"
there is not enough space to retro fit an air conditioner and
the furnace is 23 years old.

pray that we make a wise decision.
one that is best for the long haul.
one that is best for the environment.
one that matches our priorities.

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smille said...


If Henri would like a couple of different Lego compatriots, we can supply them. And a busy house to hang out in!

Scott Millen