Thursday, July 21, 2011


two nights ago
i crawled in bed next to chloe.

she asked,
"where am i going tomorrow?"

chloe started asking this question in the fall when i went back to work
and she started daycare and preschool.
she hasn't asked since summer began.

i explained that we just had a normal day at home,
but on thursday we would return to grand rapids for more medicine.

she asked,
"is that the medicine that will make my hair fall out?"
"i don't want my hair to fall out."
"i don't want people to laugh at me."

tough stuff for a 4 year old.
tough stuff for the parents and siblings of a 4 year old.

on tuesday we met with our dear friend and
fabulous photographer

she shot some photos of us
and at the beach by the lighthouse.

i got my first peek at them this morning.
they are beautiful.

and yet,
i see in each of our eyes
the heaviness
of what this all means.

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Lara Parent Photography said...

oh my heart....sending so much love and silly hugs to Chloe and all of you...I had a wonderful time with you and hope all is going well today,xx