Monday, July 25, 2011

Joy & Sorrow

Our day began early and busy as we prepared the house for the heating/cooling guys that would be arriving early to install our new furnace and air conditioner.  We also had to be out the door by 7:45 to get Chloe to her next radiation treatment.  The morning in GR went really well.  Folks there have heard our concerns and are doing a great job with Chloe.  Her port had to be accessed again this morning and will remain accessed (with a "tubey") until Thursday afternoon.  No swimming until the weekend.  :>(

When we returned home the furnace and air conditioning work was well underway and finished up by mid-afternoon.  Last Thursday as we arranged for installation by phone (while waiting during Chloe's appt), they had told us that payment would be due in full when work was completed.  As Christa asked the guys about payment, she was told "Don't worry about that right now, it's being taken care of.  You have quite a unique situation and need to focus on taking care of your daughter."  Thank you, Chloe's Crew!  Amazing, humbling, but we're so grateful to be so well cared for....

Yet, the joy of having air conditioning was overshadowed by the news that our friend Mary had passed away this afternoon.  To us, Mary was a friend, "Aunt Mary" to the kids, a fellow attendee of the Spiritual Formation Sunday school class, and a passionate educator with whom we "talked shop."  We first learned of Mary's cancer diagnosis while staying at the hospital following Chloe's surgery.  At the time, we thought Mary and Chloe would be able to journey through chemotherapy treatments, and possibly hair loss, together.  God had other plans.  As Christa posted on Mary's FB wall tonight,

thank you, mary, for touching our lives. martha prayed tonight that you are celebrating in heaven. let the party begin.


Anna said...

Small world. Mary and her husband are longtime friends of my brother-in-law. We found out last night that she passed so very quickly! Hard news to hear.

Kim Mendels said...

We never would have made our way to Third Church w/out Mary's gentle urging to come. This summer is filled w/so many heart wide open little joys of grace and love, and yet also so filled w/fear and sadness.
Peace and prayers for all who surround these events.