Monday, July 11, 2011

partial diagnosis

I know many of you have been thinking, praying, wondering.
Thank you for that.
It has actually been a respite not to know - we had the whole weekend to focus on helping Chloe recover from surgery.

She has made HUGE gains. In addition to walking to the nurse's office for a treat last night, Chloe was able to "unhook" from her IV pole and go downstairs to get ice cream. She has been writing on the windows and doors with window markers. She seems back to her old self - it even feels hard to keep up with her.

The bandage from her incision was removed today. It is cute to watch her, she keeps pulling up her shirt to look at the incision and then she looks at the port - she is getting to know a whole new her.

Our oncologist let us know late this afternoon that the pathologist is still studying the tumor. They have confirmed that it is a Wilm's tumor. This is the best news we could expect. This form of cancer has a very high cure rate. In the doctor's words, "it is the best cancer to get." Hopefully tomorrow we'll learn more about the treatment.

We continue to be overwhelmed and amazed by the care and love of friends. Gift cards, treats for Martha and Henri, people checking our house, food, handmade cards, prayers and more prayers. We are so thankful for all of you. Again, we feel the presence of God in all of this. Last night I almost forgot about what we are dealing with - my heart was full to bursting with all of the love from friends, family, even people we don't know. Thanks to all of you!


CBaer said...

Kip and Christa, we are keeping you all in our prayers, so glad to hear that you've heard it's a very curable cancer. love to little Chloe, Laura and Carter.

roobee said...

Thank you for all of the updates you post. Sending good wishes and continued sparks of bravery for Chloe!

Hummingbird said...

Kip and Family,
I continue to send my thoughts and prayers. It is now so important to stay the coarse and remain strong as this new chapter unfolds. There is relief in knowing about the type of cancer and its curable rate, yet I can only imagine your level of anxiety. Remember I offer my help to you in whatever way you may need it. Love to Chloe as she continues to show that strength and healing after surgery. Peace, Rhonda

sherry said...

So glad to hear the great news. Know that you are loved and wishing you God's peace.

magicmagennis said...

Just catching up on your news today. Your family is in my thoughts and prayers. Stay strong and keep the faith that God will carry you through as well as the love and support from your family and friends.

Mary DY said...

So exciting to hear that your diagnosis is a good one! You all continue to be in our prayers as we pray Chloe back to health!! We love that little cherub dearly. Blessings on you all.

Lara Parent Photography said...

Sending love, hope and continued strength to all of you--especially that little peanut-bug, little miss c. Grateful to hear that there is a silver lining in this diagnosis. Xx