Saturday, July 09, 2011

A restful Saturday

Today has a much calmer rhythm to it than the past few.  Chloe is recovering slowly, napping often, not wanting to move much, taking a few ice chips and a few sips of apple juice.  Christa and I took turns sleeping last night, so after about three hours of sleep we each find ourselves dozing in the chair next to Chloe's bed while she naps.

There is lots of time to sit, but neither of us seem to feel like reading or doing much of anything other than hanging on to Chloe's hand.  Our families will join us here this afternoon and head off to Martha's performance which is only a few blocks from here, while Chloe and I hang out here.

It sounds like the weekend will be pretty quiet like this.  We won't have results back from the tests on the tumor until Monday.  All of the doctors continue to be pleased with both the results of surgery and how she is doing.

Martha is wrapping up her theater camp this morning and Henri is visiting the Meijer Gardens with Christa's parents.  The social worker reminded us how important it is for them to be getting lots of attention too, so I'm sure any notes or cards for them would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again for the prayers and all of the communication.  It is wonderful to find a new note each time we have a moment to check.

[As many of the folks that have been writing probably haven't seen Chloe recently (or ever), I pulled up this photo our friend Lara took for our family Christmas card.]


Mary DY said...

Love the pic! It's a blessing to hear you use the adjective "restful" after the whirlwind three days that you have had. And Martha, Break a Leg!! Glad that the family can be her audience. Hugs to all, M

Cory Timmer said...

Kip, Christa, and fam-

We are praying! So thankful the mass was discovered and removed. Thinking of you guys often.

Mark, Cory, and the Timmer girls

Cory Steeby said...

Kip, Christa, Martha, Henri, Chloe:
We just heard the news; our hearts sank. We are grateful to read the surgery successfully removed the mass and that Chloe is resting well. We are praying-especially for Chloe to heal. May God's love continue to hold and surround each of you. Love, (Miss)Lise, Cory. Clara, Caleb,& Lydia

HisBothy said...

So glad the docs are pleased. You are in a good place at DeVos! Continuing to pray, especially for God's Peace to settle over all of you.

Holly, Andrew, Claire and Luke

T. Maynard said...

Kip and family,

Know you are in my thoughts and prayers. Just keep holding Chloe's hand and not doing anything but nursing her back to health. You are in an amazing place that will you give the best care and comfort.

Tara and family