Saturday, August 27, 2011

for that i am thankful

[Christa wrote this post back on 8/27. I was supposed to add a few photos and then post it for her. Where has the time gone? - k]

the last time i posted
it truly was a tough day.

since the blood transfusion
chloe's spirit has steadily lifted.
for that i am thankful.

i have wanted to update the blog
several times
yet, couldn't find the time.
we were having too much fun
for that i am thankful.

it seems like a perfect metaphor
of our relationship with God.
on the tough days
we spend time in prayer,
trying to draw near to God.

yet when life is going well,
we sometimes forget
to draw near to God.
fortunately our God
is always near,
no matter how distant we are.
for that i am thankful.

the thursday after chloe's blood transfusion
we were invited to a friend's
3 year old birthday party.
i was nervous.
would it be okay for her to be around
a big group of people?
since it was in the evening,
would she have the energy
to enjoy the festivities?

we all had a blast.
eating ice cream sundaes,
catching up with friends,
playing with a new puppy...
we were having so much fun
all of a sudden i realized that
i hadn't even seen chloe
for a few minutes.
it was like normal.
for that i am thankful.

an excerpt of a conversation at the party
between chloe and our friend scott:

scott smiled at chloe and said,
"chloe, i like your hat."
chloe had chosen her hat very carefully before the party.
a gift from a colleague of kip's,
a hand-knit white hat
with multiple ribbons and flowers
to take on and off.
she wore it with lavender ribbons
and crocheted lavender flowers,
quite a fashion statement.
chloe smiled and whipped off her hat.
"my hair is falling out," she said.
scott's eyes did not widen,
he did not freeze,
he merely smiled back at chloe,
lifted his hands and said,
"that happens, doesn't it?"
for that i am thankful.

the following sunday after church
after a long week
we headed to our friend's beach.
the waves were wild.
we played in the sand
with chloe
and took turns
riding in the waves
with martha and henri.
the waves were
big and powerful
we jumped and hollered
with wild abandon.
it felt like the powerful waves
could wash away
any sadness, anger, grief.
for that i am thankful.

this week we visited a friend's farm.
we played with goats
chased chickens
groomed and rode horses.
we all fell in love with the animals.
we didn't want to leave.
for that i am thankful.

summer is winding down
routines are changing.
i see people we haven't seen all summer.
they ask,
"how was your summer?"
i don't really know how to answer.
chloe's cancer changed our summer.
we missed vacations.
our days have been anxious.

and yet,
we have been surrounded by
offers of help
that are too numerous to mention.
for that i am thankful.

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elissa said...

Christa -
I love your poetry style writings. This one brought tears to my eyes. What a blessing that you are walking this treacherous adventure in a way that brings so much glory to God! You are so amazing! SO amazing! THANK YOU for sharing your heart with those of us who read your blog.
Lots of love!