Friday, August 05, 2011

good things

kip and i seem to post
in the midst of the struggles.

we reflect more in the struggles
trying to find peace,

we reach out
in the knowledge
that prayers will follow.

it makes me wonder if our community
is missing out on the
good things.

this journey and especially this week
have been difficult.
but there have been
some good things.

chloe's prognosis is
very good.
we will most likely
worry just as much about her
learning to drive someday.
chloe's weight is stable.
she is not yet experiencing the
expected side effects of the chemo.
radiation is done.
4 chemo treatments are out of the way.
6 more weekly treatments and then
the treatments are every other week
for 14 more weeks.
i just opened the bill from redmon heating and cooling
paid in FULL.
chloe gets to go to preschool in the fall.
we have been spoiled with
excellent meals,
special treats,
gifts in the mail and on our doorstep
and constant prayer.
our employers, principals and colleagues
have been incredibly supportive.
my teaching partner has offered
to be my substitute
when needed.
we have open invitations to swim
in several pools and a quiet beach.
we get to go on a
much needed vacation
to my parents' cabin.
we've had more intentional
family time.

today henri and i were up early.
instead of getting distracted by chores,
we biked to the coffee shop
and enjoyed good coffee (a steam engine for henri) and a bagel.
we biked to windows on the waterfront.
we enjoyed sailing down hills,
cooled by the early morning breeze.

i have learned
to savor those moments,
the good things
in the midst of cancer.


Bethany said...

A beautiful post, Christa. Hugs to you all.

Vonnie Tyler said...

Christa and Kip, your blogs are such a blessing and inspiration to me, and I'm sure to many others. You are all in my prayers, I miss seeing your beautiful family.