Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A quick update

Just a quick update...  Nothing earth-shattering, no strong emotions (for me, at the present moment)...

The first day of school is approaching.  Christa has been in technology trainings for the past three days.  I've been in my classroom a fair bit.  That adds an extra layer to our already layered life.

Chloe has been doing better with her meds.  I have become the medicine giver and she and I have developed routines around the meds: choose the prize that she'll open when she finishes the meds, take three deep breaths before a squirt of meds, the meds in 1 mL increments followed by a large drink of water.  Some times the three breaths have to be repeated two or three times (or more)...  There is still crying at times, sometimes covering her mouth, but no screaming (thankfully).  Thanks to all of those who have contributed to her med prize stash--it helps.  We also have a wall of butterflies covering our kitchen wall and she adds one with each completed medicine.

We were in the clinic again on Monday.  Chloe's ANC was too low so she couldn't get her next dose of chemo.  We consider it a blessing as it gives her body an extra week to rest.  Adding a week to treatment doesn't seem like a big deal.  Plus we haven't mapped out exactly when treatment should end.  I think that's for the best as then we won't be disappointed if treatment goes longer than planned.

Christa's been composing a post in her head for the past few days, so I'll close and let her fill in some of the other details when she has a chance.

[Christa commented that the photo makes Chloe look like she has a lot of hair.  In actuality, I'd guess she's lost about three-quarters of it.  I'm glad she made the decision to not shave it during those days when it was falling out in large chunks.  When she's wearing a hat or scarf most people can't tell and she never mentions the fact that she may lose it all anymore...]


Veronica said...

Hair nor no hair, Chloe is one of the most beautiful children I've laid eyes upon.... And how proud she should be of all those butterflies!

Veronica B.

Unknown said...

She is so gorgeous and a light from inside her is still shining through! I'm thankful for this update, my prayers are still with you.