Monday, September 26, 2011

Preschool Days

Chloe has 2 weeks at First Presbyterian Preschool under her belt. Today she had to go into the clinic at DeVos Children's Hospital, so she had to miss a day of preschool. Fortunately, thanks to a program called Monkey in My Chair , whose mission is to help pediatric cancer patients stay connected to their classmates, Chloe has a child-sized monkey who sits in a chair at preschool when Chloe is out due to a cancer related absence. Chloe has her own little monkey who goes with her to the hospital.

Before school started, Chloe and I took the monkey to school.

Here is the monkey with Chloe's teacher, Miss Megan. The monkey also sat at the snack table.

In addition to the monkey, another way for the Chloe's classmates to connect with her is through hats. Kendra, a fellow preschool mom, came up with the idea for all of the children to make hats. She found the hats and fabric paint and came in one morning to assist with the project. The hats are so cute. Now Chloe won't be the only one in her class with a hat.
We are so thankful for our friends and teachers at preschool!


Unknown said...

Wow, what awesome, uplifting and inspiring things to hear about! I'm so glad adults are thinking of ways to advocate on children's behalf.

Amy Berarducci said...

Yeah FPP! Mia longs to go back to preschool, the good ole days! Mia started the Monkey In My Chair program at DeVos. A distant relative of mine sent her one from Kansas City and we took it to DeVos and they contacted the company and now there's Chloe w/ one! Great program and it still sleeps w/ her! Hang in there, you all are doing what your supposed to...moving forward, even though it is hard sometimes.
Love, the Berarduccis