Saturday, October 01, 2011

inconvenient yet not alarming

chloe has been
a little
under the weather
this week.

nothing frightening,
just a runny nose,
maybe a bit of a cough.
nights have been restless.

this morning she woke up
coughing and hot.
again, nothing alarming.

kip took her temp,
it was 101.5 degrees.
routine, yet not for
someone with a port.

just as a precaution,
to be sure that infection
does not enter
the central line,
we have been instructed
to call DeVos
when she has a fever
over 101.1.

we followed instructions
and were sent to
DeVos Peds ER.

inconvenient, but
since we were prepared,
not alarming.

martha and henri
were disappointed.
chloe was not happy.

we met my parents at the hospital
they will treat
martha and henri
to a day at artprize

at the ER
they took some blood
did a chest xray
and let chloe teach them
her favorite game.

they decided that the ratio
between her white blood cells
and absolute neutrophil count
was not where they wanted.

chloe was admitted.
she is receiving some
heavy duty antibiotics
and watching tv.

we do not feel anxious
we know that this is
pretty routine
for a cancer patient.

we have enjoyed
a great lunch from the
and some other treats
from my new favorite bakery,

our dog, tobi,
is being picked up
by our friends lisa and mia.

the view from our window
of the fall colors
is beautiful.

i'd like to be
out there,
i'd like to be
doing something
maybe even
something fun.

but for now
i'll snuggle up
next to chloe,
and take solace in the fact that
this visit is so very different
from the last time
chloe was admitted.

yet not alarming.