Monday, October 10, 2011

first set of scans

waiting for the ultrasound
big day at DeVos.
chloe had her
first set of scans.
chest x-ray,

i held my breath,
what could they be
looking for?

when they took out
her kidney,
supposedly they got

even though
the situation
is not ideal,
a cake to share at the clinic
it certainly has not been
the toughest road
in terms of cancer.

so, i was waiting for
the other shoe
to drop.

came back

we are on track.
we are looking toward
the little patient
the finish line.

chloe goes in
to check her counts
next week.
her next
chemo appointment
is on halloween.

we're hoping to
be done
by christmas.

then we're
going to have
one big party.


Sean Fochtman said...

Welcome to scanxiety! So glad you got good news! We'll keep you and your family in our prayers every night. Tell Chloe that her fellow cancer warrior (my son Luke) asks how she is doing every day.

team krasean said...

Praise God! Now, that must be the greatest birthday present ever! We continue to pray for complete healing and strength for you and Christa.

Happy Birthday, Kip! :)

Linda said...

Judy and I are celebrating with you! Wonderful to hear the word "clear"!

Happy Birthday, Kip!
Bless you all.

Cory Timmer said...

So awesome! God is faithful! What an awesome birthday present. We will keep praying!

Tracey Willemstein said...

Praising God with you!

Unknown said...

How wonderful! Happy birthday, Kip!