Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Reality

It's been a few weeks since we've posted here about Chloe's health. Partly it's been due to a lack of time, partly a lack of words.  Most of our updates have come in the form of short updates on Facebook (CHA & KHA, in case we're not "friends" :>) ).

Basically, we've been doing a good job of distracting ourselves from the reality. Since we last posted:
  • Chloe got a pair of guinea pigs, Pokey & Pumpernickel
  • Henri was star of the week and had fun sharing his interests 
  • Martha has been rehearsing for last weekend's Come On Over! Live Show as well as a role as a munchkin in Holland High School's Wizard of Oz production.
  • We participated in Sibs Night at the Clinic where Martha & Henri had a chance to see what Chloe does when she goes to clinic
  • Everyone enjoyed trick or treating
Christa and I do a good job of showing up to work or church and putting on a good face, talking about these distractions, but the reality is that we're exhausted: physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Although Chloe's chemo appointments have moved to every three weeks, we've continued to find ourselves in Grand Rapids to check counts or other tests each week.  While Christa's work schedule finds her teaching two or three days a week, we're still finding it quite a challenge to fit these appointments into our family's schedule.

Plus our family has been plagued with multiple trips to the ER, Prime Care, or family pediatrician since Chloe's weekend stay at DeVos the first weekend in October.  Following doctor's orders, our family has been getting flu shots for the first time.  My shot landed me in the ER with an allergic reaction one Friday night.  Henri was diagnosed with mono on the 30th of October.  Martha went in to the doctor earlier in the week after two days of a fever (mono and strep tests were negative, thankfully!).  We were on the phone tonight with the on-call oncologist as Chloe has complained of a headache, stomach ache, and has been running a low fever today.  They aren't concerned as the fever is low, but it is one more thing for us to try to figure out.  Not to mention that Christa has had parent-teacher conferences three days this week and I'm feeling pretty stressed trying to get ready for mine in a week and a half.  I have so much on my plate that I can't even figure out what is a priority and what can be put off.

As Christa has said, "when do we get to say ENOUGH!"

Despite all of this craziness, we continue to be blessed with support from near and far: meals, house cleaning, cards, emails.  I think my parents have helped out with the kids every day during the past week as Henri has missed seven days out of the past two weeks and Chloe has been home from preschool or daycare many of those days due to a cold.  Christa's mom came over during the week to pick up the house to get it ready for cleaning. 

So, that's our reality.  Thanks for reading.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your honesty. I'm thinking of you guys daily, and hoping for peace of mind, comfort, and health for all of you. This must all be over soon, it just has to be.

Unknown said...

When November 1st came around, I was shocked at how fast it arrived. I was not looking forward to it, thinking about snow and busy schedules. But, then I remembered the hopeful date of Chloe's chemo ending around Christmas. One more month, hopefully. I also can't wait to say "enough!" Thanks for your post.