Monday, December 12, 2011

back to chloe

the last few posts
haven't really been
about chloe.

the last few posts
have been
a way
for kip and i
to process
the impact of
all of this
in our own souls.

now, it's back
to chloe.
it has been
3 weeks
since chloe's
last treatment.

this past week was
a great week
for her.
her energy and spunk
were evident.

chloe played more,
enjoyed preschool
and daycare,
had a playdate,
and went to see martha
in the wizard of oz.

she danced to music,
used her imagination,
cuddled her guinea pigs,
baked brownies,
played in the snow
and just seemed to
feel better.

it amazes me how
chloe feels totally comfortable
wearing hats
and going hatless.
at this point,
hair loss
seems more of a worry
to the parents and siblings
than it does to the patient.

the mind of a four year old
also astounds me.
she takes life at face value.
she doesn't ask why.
she doesn't compare herself
to other 4 year olds
or her siblings.
cancer and chemo
are her reality.
when she feels well
she bounces,
when she doesn't
feel well
she snuggles in
without complaint.

today chloe will
return to DeVos
for her next treatment.
we anticipate
a little bump in the road
in terms of her energy
and high spirits.
we hope that this week's
chemo cocktail
is not as harsh as the last,
that she can bounce back faster.
we hope that she'll get
the rest and attention
that she needs
amidst this busy
last week of school.

before the next treatment
we look forward to
anticipating the
hope and joy of Christ's birth
through church activities,
celebrations with family,
and a little get-away
to a cabin in the woods.

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team krasean said...

I'm thankful Chloe has had a stretch where she has felt better. You all continue to be in our thoughts and prayers.

As always, thanks for your honest and open sharing. Love to you!