Friday, December 23, 2011

prayers please

quick update:

chloe went into the clinic (12/23) at DeVos
for a quick (?) count check.
her white blood cell count and ANC
are quite low.
we can still go to church
and gather with family
but we need to practice
very good hand-washing skills
and stay away from germs.

we ask that you
cover her with your prayers.
specifically that she stays well
and begins to fight back.

we'll return to DeVos
next week Wednesday
for more counts.
her last chemo appointment
is on january 4.

on a positive note,
the whole family went into GR today.
while chloe and i waited at the clinic,
martha, henri and kip explored downtown
and even ice-skated a little.
we met my parents
for dinner.
we tried to make it a fun outing,
and it was just that.

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Lara Parent Photography said...

I love you guys--sending strength and love! xxoo :)L