Friday, December 23, 2011

two worlds

as i mentioned in an earlier post,
tuesday morning found us at DeVos,
bright and early,
checking in for a set of routine scans.

often when we go to the front desk
to get our parking ticket validated
and get our ID badges,
there is a line of
other parents and visitors
checking in as well.

on that day there was an amish couple,
waiting with their baby.
maybe it is because they stood out
in their traditional amish clothing,
the woman wearing a bonnet,
the man with a long beard,
seeing them stuck me
and i can't get that image out of my head.

on one level, it brought
strong memories back.
as they were given a room number,
i remembered that fateful day,
july 7,
as kip, chloe and i waited.

we had so little information.
all we had were ultrasound results
and the knowledge that we would meet with a
pediatric oncologist,
scary words to us at that time.

it was a shock to be given a room,
to have chloe admitted.
it meant so much more than
meeting with a doctor.
we were in for something big,
something that would change our very lives.
we were setting foot into an unknown world.

seeing this couple with their baby
struck me on another level.
how much more significant was their entrance
into this unknown world?
the receptionist asked for a driver's license,
a photo ID,
this was not part of their world.
they were about to climb aboard an elevator.
their baby was likely to be hooked up to machines.
computers, bright lights, all sorts of medical technology.

when we checked in that day in july,
we had our cell phones, laptop and ipad.
we had instant means of communication.
we had instant messages of prayer and support.
we had a virtual community surrounding us instantly.

what was it like for this couple?
it is likely that they were far from home,
far from their community,
far from the simple comforts of their lives.
confronting a culture so very different from their own.

i know that different groups of amish have different rules,
it may not have been as great of a shock as i imagine.
i know that the simplicity of their lives allows their faith to flourish.
i take comfort knowing that they can find peace.

and yet,
i still cannot get them out of my mind.
please join me in saying a prayer for them,
wherever they are at this moment,
whatever journey they will follow.
thank you, as always, for your constant prayer.

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