Thursday, December 22, 2011

the week before christmas

4 calling birds,
3 french hens,
2 turtle doves
and a partridge in a pear tree.

4 dr. visits,
3 antibiotics,
2 canine meds
and a cancelled cabin get-away

it has been quite a week
for the holland-andersons,
and it was all in a span of 2 days!

it started on sunday night
tobi, our dog, woke us up,
coughing loudly.
he was coughing and sick
all through the night.
kip and i took turns,
knowing that one of us
would be driving chloe to DeVos
for her routine appointment
the next morning.

martha also awoke in the night.
she had a fever and just
felt yucky.

the next morning,
chloe awoke with a fever.
i watched the numbers
on the thermometer climb too quickly.
her temperature was over 101.
the hospital agreed that she could
keep her appointment
and they would take stock of the situation.

kip was on for taking chloe in.
the drive was not the most pleasant,
chloe's tummy would not cooperate.
at the clinic, they isolated her,
checked counts and took some cultures.
they started her on an IV antibiotic
and gave her some anti-nausea medicine.
chloe crashed on kip's lap.

on the home front,
martha continued to
battle a fever
and i was headed off to the vet.
tobi was fine, he, too,
had some IV fluids and an antibiotic.

fortunately for henri,
he was staying at my parents' house
oblivious of the chaos at home,
enjoying some cousin time.

after lots of waiting time,
it was decided that chloe could go home.
her counts were good enough
that the doctors felt confident
in letting her go.

kip and i regrouped at home,
watching our girls and dog.

and then the phone rang.
an oncologist from DeVos
had gone over chloe's charts
and realized that she should have another antibiotic,
a full spectrum antibiotic
that would protect her just in case.
there is no way of knowing
if she had a bacterial infection,
cultures take 18-24 hours to come back.

the oncologist asked us to go to Holland Hospital.
we were sent to the ED where they would
access her port and administer the medicine.

we packed it up and hung out
in the ER until 9:30 pm.

and that was only monday!

on tuesday we had to get out the door by 7:30 am
to get chloe back to DeVos for some scans,
a routine chest x-ray and ultrasound.
kip and i decided to go together,
driving alone with a sick kid is tricky at best.
even though chloe wasn't at 100%,
the drive was much better.

we came home wiped out.
we decided that we just didn't have it in us
to pack everyone up and head off to a cabin.
we also wanted to be home
in case chloe's fever spiked again.

it was a harrowing few days
but believe it or not
our wednesday was quite uneventful.
we took martha to the doctor
to make sure she was on the mend,
chloe had her spunk back,
henri played with a friend,
we cooked dinner.

it felt peaceful, relaxing.
i guess we didn't have to get away
find a little peace.

christmas vacation lies ahead of us,
open, inviting.
there will certainly be another trip
to DeVos (Friday, to be exact),
but it feels okay,
it feels like we'll have a moment
to take in the season,
the childlike wonder and excitement,
the welcoming of a baby,
a baby who came to save us all.

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