Friday, January 13, 2012


We celebrated Chloe's last day of chemo on Jan. 4th with balloons, streamers, and a few friends who happened to drop by.

We celebrated that Chloe only felt tired and nauseated for about 24 hours after this last treatment and then was ready to go again.

We celebrated that Chloe's trip to the DeVos Children's Hospital ER on Monday morning brought the good news that her dislocated elbow could be popped back into place quite easily.  (The kids were playing on Sunday evening while Christa and I got dinner ready -- something about holding hands and swinging -- lesson learned.)  Christa reported that she was playing Uno with two hands within minutes of getting it popped back into place.  :>)

We celebrated that although Monday's platelets counts were quite low, yesterday's counts were up.

And we're continuing to celebrate that we got a call from clinic yesterday following counts saying that since counts were good we don't have to make any more weekly trips to the clinic!  After at least one, if not two, three, more... visits to clinic each week since July 7th, this is a huge burden lifted.

Plus, Chloe no longer needs to take her nightly medicine...

Where we're at, in case you're interested:
  • Final scans have been scheduled for Feb. 2nd
  • She'll have a counts check, exam, and we'll get a review of the scans on Feb. 10th
  • She still needs to continue a monthly infusion of one of her meds for the next 4-6 months
There truly is light at the end of this long, and sometimes dark, tunnel.


Ingrid said...

Praise The Lord!

Nancy said...

Celebrating with you as I read this. Praise God!

gale said...

I'm so happy for you! You have so much reason for celebration. I'll be praising God and continue to pray for good scans.

Tracey Willemstein said...

Great news! Joining you in praising and celebrating!

Anna said...

Wonderful news, Praise God

Benjamin Lichtenwalner said...

So happy to hear the light is getting brighter!

Kristen said...

blessed be!