Tuesday, January 03, 2012

last week of chemo

my apologies for not updating sooner,
i sent out the prayer request before christmas
and left it hanging.

christmas was quiet and uneventful.
no hospital stays, no additional visits.
she returned for a counts check
on december 28.
the doctor was pleased with her counts,
chemo continues as scheduled for
wednesday, january 4.

chloe has been her spunky self,
playing with her toys,
drawing, enjoying the new snow.
she was very excited to have a
sleepover with her grandparents,
to visit with her uncle jed.

her hair has started coming back,
a little blond fuzz,
she seems to have grown a little,

a little bit of encouragement for all of us
a reminder of new strength, hope.

kip goes back to work on wednesday.
i'll take a couple of days off this week
to take chloe in for chemo
and to be with her if she doesn't feel well.
then we'll return
to our "normal schedule."

we will still make weekly
(or more often when needed)
trips to DeVos
to check Chloe's counts.
we await the appointment
when her port will be removed
and we can relax a little,
worry about germs and fevers less.


Tracey Willemstein said...

Praying this morning as you adjust to a change of pace and routine. It will be good to see you back at school, Kip!

Unknown said...

Yay! I was screaming and shouting last night....it felt SO good to say out loud, "It's Chloe's last week of Chemo!" Yippee! Yahoo! Awesome!