Sunday, March 04, 2012

Thank You!

Wow!  Christa and I continue to marvel how amazing Chloe's POP turned out.  This morning Pastor Kama described watching the joy on the kids faces as seeing a glimpse of Heaven.  I couldn't agree more.

Thank you to the approximately 250 people who joined us yesterday.  A party isn't a party without the people.  Thanks for the hugs, the conversations, and the well wishes.

Thank you to all of those who baked cupcakes, helped decorate, organized food, worked the kids' activities, and cleaned up.*  We couldn't have done it (the POP) without you.

Thank you to all of you, near and far, who have loved and supported us.  We certainly couldn't have done this (the cancer journey) without you.

* A special thank you goes out to the four people who braved the cotton candy machine.  Thanks for your sacrifice to help keep the kids well stocked.

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