Sunday, May 13, 2012

next set of scans

mother's day tea at preschool
tomorrow (monday, may 14)
chloe has her next set of scans.

things have been going well,
she is growing,
she is her sparkly self.

we don't anticipate
any bad news.

and yet,
we feel anxious.
the memory of that
first ultrasound last july
is still too fresh.

we ask for your prayers,
prayers that things will go smoothly,
that chloe will not have
an upset stomach on the car ride to devos,
that we will get
good news
from her oncology team.

we are thankful that we will
get the results right away.
after the scans, we'll meet with
dr. mitchell, chloe's oncologist.
chloe will see her for a physical
and we'll see the results from the scans.

we are also thankful for a great weekend.
on saturday my cousin got married.
we truly enjoyed ourselves at the wedding.
martha, henri and chloe
probably logged the most time
of any of the guests
on the dance floor.
it was truly a great moment
dancing with the "girls in pretty dresses"
to get out there on that dance floor
and to see all three kids
dancing their hearts out.
we needed that!


Bethany said...

Praying for Chloe (and all of you!) tomorrow!

Unknown said...

I love you H-As! Thinking of you.