Wednesday, July 04, 2012


this week marks several anniversaries
for our family.

on july 5
chloe went for her well-child check
and dr. worpel felt something on
the left side of her abdomen.

on july 7
chloe had an early morning ultrasound.
dr. worpel called by 11 with the results,
there was a relatively large mass
on chloe's left kidney.
we were to head to devos children's hospital

on july 8
chloe went into surgery
to have the tumors
and her left kidney removed.
a port was placed at that time.

thus began the whirlwind,
visits to the clinic,
checking counts,
taking medicine.

in the chaos
we felt god's presence.
it was so tangible.
the e-mails,
gas cards,
chloe's crew,
team chloe,

life will never
be the same again.
we are new people.
our emotions
run deeper.

while i would never
wish cancer upon chloe,
i feel thankful
for what it has taught us,
i feel thankful
for the wide net of support
which surrounds us.
i feel thankful
to have experienced
the grace of god.

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