Monday, July 29, 2013

LFR 2013: Martha's Reflections

     I loved playing on the the beach and in the grassy field with all of the kids, retreat family or not. I made a bunch of new friends who I am still keeping in touch with. I think that I was way more active than if I had been just vacationing because I was pouring all of my energy out into little Caden and all of the people I was having fun with and getting to know better. It was fun playing at the beach and hanging out with the other volunteer kids that were my age the day before the retreat families came. On that day, we were all filled with energy and anticipation as we prepared ourselves and everything else for the retreat families.

     I served the families at Lighthouse in lots of ways. My favorite way was pouring all of the energy I had in me into the kids when playing soccer or Nine Square or Frisbee with the younger kids. If Caden wasn't there, I probably would have sat in the shade under the tent the whole time. Instead, I was asked to play soccer with Caden. He kept me up on my feet a lot. Another way I served our retreat family was during mealtimes. At every meal, the volunteer families were the last to be served. While our retreat family got there food, we either snuck up to their condo and made up or turned down the beds, or we helped them get all of their drinks and held plates for the kids' food.

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